Eigenstate : Summer of Cod


As you may have noticed, we were not accepted for this year's google summer of code, in spite of our organization vitality and clear leadership in the 'wheel reinvention' domain. However, we've got a backup plan.

Today I'm pleased to announce that I am announcing the GARGLE SUMMER OF COD. This program is smaller than 'Summer of Code'. Precisely one letter smaller, in fact.



In order to qualify for GARGLE SUMMER OF COD, we will need to be able to ship you cod. If we can figure out how to ship your sea-stipend, you are elegible to apply. Talk to us for shipping details.

If you've got a completed project, we'll be shipping the fish out on August 31st. Let us know in advance, so we can


Of course, good work should be rewarded. And, since we all know that sea lions love fish, we'll be rewarding you in cod.

A successful project will be rewarded several pounds of cod. Vegetarian substitutes are available. (Are sea cucumbers vegetables?)

Project ideas:

We have the Google Summer of Code page up. Use it for ideas.


How To Apply

Send an email to the mailing list, or ping us on IRC. If your idea sounds interesting, and you seem like yu will be able to execute, we'll put your name down as a participant.

Because there's only so much fish I'm willing to have shipped, there is a limited number of slots, so let us know you're planning to work on something in advance.

At the end of the summer, if you've produced code, we ship cod.

Current Participants


libmath: Implementing a basic floating point math library for Myrddin.


Automatic C bindings. Generating headers and glue code from a header and a module specification.

(Dropped out due to lack of time, up for grabs)


Compression library


Are you serious?

When can I get my fish?

What projects are eligible?

What fishmonger does GARGLE SUMMER OF COD use?

Is GARGLE SUMMER OF COD considered an internship, a job, or any form of employment?

Why fish?

Can I chose the types of fish I'm paid in?

Aw, shucks, why are you doing this?

Where does GARGLE SUMMER OF COD occur?

What can I do to help spread the word about GARGLE SUMMER OF COD?

When can I apply for GARGLE SUMMER OF COD?

Do I have to be a student?

What kind of code do you prefer?

Will there be T-Shirts?

You must be really bitter about getting rejected Google Summer of Code.

What if I have more questions?