Eigenstate : Software


The compiler proper for the Myrddin language, currently implemented in C, although work towards self hosting is ongoing. An overview of the implementation is given in the language documentation.

I have started writing monthly updates progress on the Myrddin language. The first of these is available here.


An IRC client which resembles mpu's irc.c and


A simple continuous buld program. It's written in Myrddin.

Source is available here



A simple, basic video player that uses gstreamer and gtk. It's UI is keyboard-controlled in the spirit of mplayer, but it's far simpler, with more mouse control. Currently development is slow since it mostly fills my needs, although it should be ported to gstreamer 1.0, and seeking should be improved.

Source is available here

It was written when I was younger and had no good taste. Preserved here for posterity.


A simple, small data structure library that supports hash tables, lists, and bit sets. More data structures may be added as the need arises. It also has a fast allocator specialized for minimizing the tracking overhead of lots of small fixed size allocations.

Documentation is available here