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Building latest Myrddin doesn't work

It all started when I was trying to build libbio:

myrbuild -l bio bio.myr puti.myr geti.myr
6m bio.myr
bio.myr:410: Type "byte[:]" incompatible with "std.size" near
write:(bio.file#, byte[:] -> std.size)

I figured I might have too old a compiler, so I tried updating it and
building it, but it fails saying it can't find syswrap-ss.myr. I then tried
make clean. Still failed.

After a little investigation, I tried manually copying
syswrap-ss+posixy-linux.myr as syswrap-ss.myr. Then I got this:

../6/6m -I . syswrap-ss.myr
syswrap-ss.myr:7: Undeclared var sys.exit_group

Now I'm lost. I'm pretty sure this is related to

commit e59b8d11ec241cedc71eb70e67901b7b829bc794
Author: Ori Bernstein <ori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue Mar 3 11:04:00 2015 -0800

    Make exit() exit the whole process, portably.

        OSX and Linux exit system calls are not interchangable.

        Linux exit() exits the thread, and exit_group() exits the
        process. OSX exit() exits the process. So, we need to wrap
        these up into system specific syswrap calls.

        syswrap+posixy.myr now contains shared system calls, and
        syswrap-ss+posixy-system.myr contains the ones that have
        different semantics.

        The goal is to move emulation (sleep, etc) into there.

FYI, I recently wrote about the top 5 programming languages you've never
heard of
and I mentioned Myrddin as my favorite low-level language. :)

If I were in a 10-story building glass-sided building and forced to write
either Go or APL, I’d jump out a window.

Re: Building latest Myrddin doesn't workOri Bernstein <ori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Building latest Myrddin doesn't workOri Bernstein <ori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>