About This Page

This site will.. over time.. turn into a source of information about myself, and a way for me to publicise what I'm doing, and host various projects of my own. Right now, it's more of a placeholder than anything else, although it has a few links and interesting things, making it an interesting placeholder

Useful (and/or fun) stuff:

Below, you'll find some fun and useful stuff that I did. Nothing overly serious, and no large projects. Just minor hacks, pranks, and similar.
Software Stuff

Myrddin Monthly: Jan 2014

Myrddin Overview

libds: small C data structure library

Beard Dying Photos
A while ago, I decided that it would be amusing to get my beard dyed. I finally got it done a while back, collecting donations for interval house. The highest donor got the chance to choose the colors of my beard. Well, these are the results!
Redsuit Video (Theora)
The priests of the great coffee god Javahova visiting a 2nd year math class, preaching a small segment from the Bible of Javahova and converting the prof.
Another Version (Xvid) Possibly playable on more machines since it uses the more popular Xvid codec
A prank I did as an attempt to get a position as an engineering welcome week representative. More, unedited, clips:
(note the volume is EXTREMELY quiet on all of them)
Updated Etiquette Xfce Theme
Added some symlinks to Etiquette Xfce theme to make it work with new Xfce theming. I can't claim credit for actually making this theme though
My VIM configuration
A simple configuration for vim, but it works well. It uses the colorschemes "Moria" for gvim's graphical mode,and the default color scheme on the console, with bg=dark set, for a terminal with a black background. Note, this should be turned off if your terminal has a white background. the Moria theme is mirrored on eigenstate, in vim/colors/moria.vim Screenshots are here (Moria) and here (Impact). I still haven't found a console theme that I'm satisfied with, sadly.